Every day, in some far-off corner of this great country, hidden in some corner of an old tired barn, dusty attic or pre-mancave basement, there is a discovery of treasure........American Treasure. You may think this only happens to others, but, there are no more of these treasures found as a result of someone carefully searching for them, than those found by literally tripping over them. This is not a figurative statement, nor is it an attempt to add color to draw the reader in. It is just a plain fact. 
We are not saying the number 11,500,000 means there were really that many discoveries today, but, I think that it makes the point. While not all of these stories are relevant to this email and a particular type of coin, the sheer number of them supports the fact that there are still plenty of treasures found all the time. With all the new tech that we have today, we continue to expand the places we can look and how we look. I would bet that more “treasures” have been found in my lifetime, then all the generations before me. Not a year goes by without some new underwater discovery, or the un-tombing of some not-so-great pharaoh. Today, more than any other time in history, there are more opportunities for discoveries of an American Treasure than ever before.    
While reading all of these stories , as great entertainment, one always winds up wondering along the way what it would feel like to be able to find a treasure for ourselves! The thrill, the adrenaline rush, the total immersion in adventure! Most of us think about Treasure Hunting like something out of a “Raiders of the Lost Ark” movie where the characters are off in some steamy snake teeming crack of some far-off continent. With people fighting off mosquitoes and other even more nefarious human characters, all the while clutching some incredibly precious piece of loot. Even though most of us like to live vicariously through these characters, many of us say to ourselves “mosquitoes suck” and take a pass on the jungle exploration stuff. We say to ourselves “it is pretty nice sleeping in my own bed.” But, that is the movies. If we re-wrote that story about how American Treasures are really found; a more realistic version would look like a couple walking their dog in the hills of California when they come upon an old decrepit tin-can filled with 1800’s gold coins sticking out of the ground. While that story has no good call for whips in the narrative, it is not nearly as exciting, BUT, it does not make it less true. It just would not sell as many tickets. In the real world, MOST treasure is discovered by non-whip-wielding characters in much less dramatic fashion. It is more times than not, people going about their usual daily business and seeing something or exploring someplace in a way no one before them has. The bottom line is that most people who find treasure do so because they are paying attention. They are looking for something different. They have their “treasure radar” on.       
People find Treasure everywhere. You do not have to be Indiana Jones, or some ever wandering hermit on the quest for El Diablo. Nor does one need to be a trust fund baby to have the time to run all over the country to search it out. There are only three things you need to do to find American Treasure: 
  • Know that it’s out there 
  • Believe that it is “possible” for you to find it 
  • Search  
So, should we all quit our jobs and become full-time swash buckling treasure hunters? Sure, it’s a great gig if you are built for it. But it makes little difference where you swash your buckle in this day and age of the internet, national exchanges, auctions, estate sales, 2nd hand stores, barns, Craigslist, classifieds, flea markets, art houses, barns, basements, closets etc. places to look. With all that is available to us today, I would go as far as say, it is nearly impossible to not to find Treasure in all of that.     
In summary, it is our sincere and humble point that everyone leaves with an awareness that Treasures are everywhere and that what anyone has to do to find them, is more about recognizing them, then it is about exploring in some far-off jungle. The saving of these American Treasures is about as American as anyone can get.