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Our Services


We Appraise:

Have you ever wondered what your Coins, Jewelry or other Luxury Assets are worth? You are not alone. Every day we work to enlighten people and families to help them answer this very question. While most businesses are only interested in providing “buy prices,” we offer professional appraisals that you can use to find out exactly what you have and what is the best most sensible way for you to either insure, sell, or otherwise distribute the items that are part of the appraisal. We want to provide you with the information that puts you “in the know” as to what you have. While we are always willing to buy items outright, it is more important to make sure that our customers know they have many options. Once you get an appraisal from us, you can shop your items anywhere with no obligation.

We Buy:

There are very few restrictions on what we can buy and how quickly you can get paid. We have the liquidity to execute on any size item in a timely fashion. Sometimes you just need the money and need it now! From hundreds of dollars, to hundreds of thousands of dollars, we are in the business to provide liquidity when liquidity is required.

We Consign:

Not in a rush, or want to maximize your return? Consign your item with us. We provide the correct venues and have access to direct buyers. Your items are listed on as many websites that make sense. Unlike others, you do not get just one website. Our items are sold across multiple venues and we know how to get visibility on your items. It’s what we do!

We Liquidate:

Need to downsize? Have you been left with a home full of items that have no meaning or place in your life anymore? Do you wish someone could just show-up and make it all go away? It is an unfortunate fact that people pass away and many times the heirs are left to figure out what to do with the accumulations of the past. We buy entire estates, up to and including the home the items are stored in. We would also buy the entire commercial lot. When you want a turn-key solution to liquidation we will execute.

We Retail:

Our Luxury assets are posted on multiple websites, displayed at shops across the nation and done so with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The book on Customer Service was written here! We emphasize straightforward descriptions and do no up-selling or cross selling. People who buy Luxury Assets don’t have the patience for “look-a-likes.” Our inventory is lifetime guaranteed to be authentic and exactly as described. We rely on proven third-party graders and authenticators whenever possible. When it comes to keeping our integrity with our customers, it is worth every cent.

We Lend Money:

Consignment with us does not have to mean long waits for funds until the items are sold. We are California licensed to provide funding against your Luxury Assets. Do you need money up front? Our fees are commensurate with the industry and always come with no surprises.

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